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Our siteworks services comprise four specific areas:

Site Strip


This operation includes rock and vegetation clearing, tree root removal, and the breakout and crushing of any concrete. All necessary works required by the specific needs of the particular site, including any cut and fill requirement.

Bulk Excavation


DSC use both their own and when required “bought in” plant to give flexibility depending on the size of the requirement. The positive results achieved with this type of operation is through the logistical experience of the DSC site management team. Their experience, practical knowledge and organisational ability ensure the operation is completed safely, quickly and cost effectively.


DSC look at this specialist operation as an activity that normally follows demolition, site strip and any bulk excavations, particularly so with Brownfield sites. We work with industry leading consultants to effect the solution that best benefits the “damaged” site, to bring it back to reusability.

Complete Muck Shift


DSC undertake to move both hazardous and non-hazardous muck, including Japanese Knotweed. Inert muck i.e. brick / concrete / hardcore / subsoil and WAC tested material is also transported away. When waste is not inert IPM will work with waste management service providers to achieve the safest and most cost effective and environmentally responsible solution.

Civil Engineering &
  • Roads and Sewers Installation

  • Complete Foundations

  • Onsite Drainage & Services

  • External Works

  • Piling

  • Reinforced Concrete

  • Soft Landscaping

Site Works
  • Site Strip

  • Bulk Excavation

  • Remediation

  • Complete Muck Shift

  • Sewer Installations

  • Utilities Services Installation

  • Highways Construction

  • Section 278 Works

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