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Civil Engineering & Goundworks

Digger & House

With over 20 years’ experience, DSC are now established as one of the region’s major contractors for all aspects of this essential element of the construction process, and have an enviable reputation for consistently meeting clients’ requirement in terms of quality of work, competitiveness, reliability and meeting programme. Supply Chain/Partnering Arrangements are in place with many Main Contractors, along with ongoing relationships with both niche and volume house builders, due to the following range of operations offered.

Complete Foundations


DSC carry out the full package of foundations for both residential and commercial applications, utilising the three standard systems, of Pads, Ring Beam or Raft. Pad foundations are used to support individual or multiple columns, spreading the load to the ground below, and are normally constructed of mass concrete, either rectangular or square. Strip foundations are also formed from mass concrete, and are used to support walls, or closely spaced rows of columns. The raft foundation, being basically a slab of mass concrete, which can be either independent, or tied. DSC use raft foundations where little site preparation is required, as it is a swift and efficient way to create a solid foundation for most projects.

Roads & Sewers Installation

Sewer Installation

The DSC service for this element covers, adoptable estate roads, junction improvements and Section 278 works. Adoptable drainage with all mainline sewage systems completed to adoptable standards. Storage tanks, box culverts are constructed, off-site sewer systems can also be utilised for both the carriageway and verges. Works also cover storm and foul sewers and highway drainage systems.

Onsite Drainage & Services


This element of the works involves the construction and installation of various storage tanks, mainline and foul storm water, rising and hydrant mains. Enabling works, trenching, backfill and connections form the major part of this requirement, however the DSC solution also includes for the installation and connection of off-site sewage systems such as septic tanks, cesspools, individual sewage treatment plants, reed beds, and soakaways.

External Works

External Works

DSC see External Works as being all features that can be used to finish the external environment of the project, whether it be industrial, commercial or residential and are needed to ensure the functionality of, and add to, the satisfactory end result of the project. This includes, but is not exhaustive to, pathways, drives, fences, gates street furniture, smoking shelters, etc. All these individual items have already been addressed and achieved in past projects.

Piling / Mini Piling / Contiguous Piled Retaining Walls


Piling provides essential support, setting deep foundations for any form of construction work, including building, and is a method of creating a foundation for a structure in almost any ground type.


Underpinning is used by DSC to increase the depth of foundations, as well as in the repair of faulty foundations, for instance when a building shows signs of sinking/subsidence.


Contiguous piling is used by DSC to create a retaining wall prior to excavation work, as it is ideal for earth retention, where existing structures are close to boundaries, or where ground water is present. Piled walls and contiguous piling create either temporary or permanent retaining structure allowing for safe excavation and installation of piles. A contiguous piled wall is formed from closely spaced bored piles.

Reinforced Concrete

Reinfrced Concrete

DSC construct steel reinforced “cages” either on or off-site, to form cast-in-situ concrete beams. These are then normally placed on pre-installed piles to complete the foundation package, ensuring the build is then able to seamlessly continue in either brick or block work.

Digger & Huses
Civil Engineering &
  • Roads and Sewers Installation

  • Complete Foundations

  • Onsite Drainage & Services

  • External Works

  • Piling

  • Reinforced Concrete

  • Soft Landscaping

Site Works
  • Site Strip

  • Bulk Excavation

  • Remediation

  • Complete Muck Shift

  • Sewer Installations

  • Utilities Services Installation

  • Highways Construction

  • Section 278 Works

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